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Beds & Stretcher Training Course Calendar for Next 12 months


APR 2019
Progressa Bed Training (P7500, P7520)04/23/2019 to 04/24/2019Batesville IN$2400
Centrella Smart Bed (CNT155,CNT255, CNT35504/25/2019 to 04/26/2019Batesville IN$1800
MAY 2019
Progressa Bed Training (P7500, P7520)05/14/2019 to 05/15/2019Batesville IN$2400
Q-Tel RMS Technical Training05/16/2019 to 05/17/2019Batesville IN$1800
Centrella Smart Bed (CNT155,CNT255, CNT35505/16/2019 to 05/17/2019Batesville IN$1800
ECG ELI 280 Technical Training05/20/2019Batesville IN$600
VersaCare (P3200) Bed05/20/2019Batesville IN$1200
ECG ELI 350 Technical Training05/21/2019Batesville IN$1200
CareAssist (P1170)/Advanta 2 (P1190)05/21/2019Batesville IN$1200
ECG ELI 380 Technical Training05/22/2019Batesville IN$1200
TotalCare Bed System (1900) 05/22/2019 to 05/24/2019Batesville IN$3600
ECG Q-Stress 6 and TM55/65 Technical Training05/23/2019Batesville IN$1200
ECG Q-Stress 6 and TMX428 Technical Training05/24/2019Batesville IN$1200
JUN 2019
Trumpf TruLight OR Light06/03/2019Batesville IN$2000
ECG ELI 280 Technical Training06/03/2019Batesville IN$600
ECG ELI 350 Technical Training06/04/2019Batesville IN$1200
Trumpf iLed 7 OR Surgical Lights06/05/2019 to 06/06/2019Batesville IN$4000
ECG ELI 380 Technical Training06/05/2019Batesville IN$1200
ECG Q-Stress 6 and TM55/65 Technical Training06/06/2019Batesville IN$1200
Trumpf Truport Boom06/07/2019Batesville IN$1000
Mortara ECG Q-Stress 6 and TMX428 Technical Training06/07/2019Batesville IN$1200
TruSystem 7000 OR Table (TS7000 U/DV)06/10/2019Batesville IN$4000
CareAssist (P1170)/Advanta 2 (P1190)06/10/2019Batesville IN$1200
TruSystem 7500 OR Table (TS7500 SM,SB,SF)06/11/2019Batesville IN$4000
VersaCare (P3200) Bed06/11/2019Batesville IN$1200
TotalCare Bed System (1900) 06/12/2019 to 06/14/2019Batesville IN$3600
Titan OR Table 06/12/2019Batesville IN$1000
Progressa Bed Training (P7500, P7520)06/18/2019 to 06/19/2019Batesville IN$2400
ECG Q-Stress 6 and TMX428 Technical Training06/20/2019 to 06/21/2019Batesville IN$1800
Centrella Smart Bed (CNT155,CNT255, CNT35506/20/2019 to 06/21/2019Batesville IN$1800
Hill-Rom Stretchers (all models)06/24/2019Batesville IN$1200
Compella Bed Training06/25/2019Batesville IN$1200
Affinity IV Birthing Bed Training06/26/2019Batesville IN$1200
JUL 2019
Compella Bed Training07/22/2019Batesville IN$1200
Progressa Bed Training (P7500, P7520)07/23/2019 to 07/24/2019Batesville IN$2400
Centrella Smart Bed (CNT155,CNT255, CNT35507/25/2019 to 07/26/2019Batesville IN$1800
NOV 2019
LIKO Lift Technical Training11/14/2019 to 11/15/2019Batesville IN$2400


Schedule is subject to change without notice.